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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Bonita Blazer, PhD and Associates

Why contact Bonita Blazer, Ph.D. and Associates for an Educational Management Program?

A child having difficulty in school may lose confidence and self-esteem, resulting in a sense of defeat. Educational Management for Success in School is a proven approach that nurtures sound learning skills and positive attitudes and behaviors essential to school success. Dr. Blazer works with each student, their parents and the schools to design, implement, and coordinate specific and appropriate support services that will insure individual student growth. The goal is to develop a happier, more competent and confident student.

Who can benefit from an Educational Management Program?

An individual support program benefits students whose potential is higher than his or her school performance. Such students, unable to demonstrate their potential, often struggle with one or more of the following weaknesses:

  • perceptual, conceptual, and/or coordination difficulties that interfere with the ability to read, write, calculate, process, recall and/or retrieve spoken or written information
  • attention/concentration disorders that disrupt classroom and/or homework performance (i.e., inattentiveness, distractability, impulsiveness, lack of organization)
  • speech, language and auditory processing deficits
  • social/emotional/behavioral vulnerabilities
  • test anxiety, resulting in low performance
  • undeveloped study skills/independent homework skills
  • sensory integration issues

What are the steps to achieving educational success?

EDUCATIONAL THERAPY is designed to be comprehensive and systematic. Dr. Blazer’s program is individually developed to meet specific student needs. It uses an integrated approach that supports growth through supportive intervention and change.Educational Management for Success in School is accomplished through a five-step process:

1) Testing and Evaluation

Diagnose problem, Identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide a road map for supportive intervention.

2) Guidance Counseling

Explore options, develop a personalized plan which coordinates with school and integrates appropriate support services as needed.

3) Advocacy

Represent student's needs and rights first to the family, and then to the school... to teachers, counselors, administrators, and child study teams. Goal is to build a team effort to support student growth.

4) Individual, One-on-One, Supportive Tutoring

Develop reading, writing, inferential thinking, math, and study skills. Coaching is provided in time management, organization, note taking, outlining, writing, and test taking.

5) Monitoring and Follow-up

Coordinates support services; supervise student's progress, and revise program as necessary.

The strength of this clinically-proven therapy is in its research and theory based ability to provide positive, consistent support enabling each student to respond, grow, and flourish.

How does Bonita Blazer, Ph.D. and Associates accomplish this program?

Dedicated, trained, highly skilled, professional guidance provided in three steps throughout each student’s program.

First, as diagnosticians, the team identifies strengths and weaknesses that influence learning.

Second, as learning specialists, the team helps the student to use strengths to overcome weaknesses in order to meet potential.

Third, as advocate, Dr. Blazer examines and recommends changes in the student's environment that will improve school performance. Commonly addressed issues are:

  • placement decisions: appropriateness of class, grade, and school setting, including class size, retention and public vs. private school issues
  • negative changes in school performance, including declining grades and/or standardized test scores
  • peer, teacher, and/or school conflicts
  • parent/child communication and relationship conflicts
  • college and career questions

What is the best way to reach Dr. Blazer and discuss options?

The best way is over the phone, Dr. Blazer prefers not to use email when discussing personal and specific issues.


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