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College Guidance and Admissions Center

Helping You Choose The Right College


The selection of college is one of the most critical educational decisions made by a student and his or her parents. The importance of a good match that meets the student’s needs and goals and of its long term effect on life choices, cannot be overestimated. The right college match opens minds, opens options, and opens doors.

Yes, despite best intentions, thousands of parents waste time, money, and effort by sending their children to the wrong college. In addition to the obvious monetary waste, the loss of one or two years at the wrong college can seriously disrupt a student’s education and undermine his or her confidence. Costly mistakes may occur at critical points in the college selection and admissions process and include:

  • inaccurate evaluation of student credentials, strengths and weaknesses, interests and desires
  • lack of knowledge about available schools
  • inadequately prepared applications, essays, and extracurricular profiles and resumes

Dr. Blazer developed a College Guidance and Admissions program to simplify and enhance the college process: selection, preparation, visits, applications, and admissions. Through cross- referencing during the selection process, wrong matches can be prevented. The programs goal is to help each student select the right college while saving time, money, effort, worry, and error in the process.

An Individualized Mentoring Plan

The competitive process of college selection and admissions requires a serious plan of strategy and action. Dr. Bonita Blazer has developed and refined over years of practice, a pre-planned framework for choosing a college that meets academic, extracurricular, and social needs. Also, a match that provides opportunity for growth, success and a sense of well-being is a critical aspect of the college selection/admissions process.

Dr. Blazer works personally with each college applicant, tailoring her program to support the student’s academic and non- academic strengths, interests, and areas of prior and new participation. She also works directly to build skills in organization, time management, essay, and resume writing and problem solving.

Both support and direction are provided at all stages in the admissions process. For best results, Dr. Blazer recommends an early start:

Ninth and Tenth Grades: Getting Ready

Planning high school courses, track grades, activities, test schedules and an initial college visit.

Eleventh Grade: The Search Begins

Developing the transcript, extracurriculars, developing talents, strengthening weaknesses, prep for PSAT, SAT and/or ACT; learning to convey strengths through active participation and/or leadership, and researching colleges

Twelfth Grade and College Transfers: Applications, Selection, Admission

Positioning the student for admission: essay and resume writing, developing extracurricular activity sheet, recommendations, visits, information sessions, tours, submitting supplements, updates (if appropriate) to enhance competitive admissions, narrowing choices, decision making; and finally, choosing the best match.

Dr. Bonita Blazer’s service directly provides the student with an organized plan for responsible decision-making. Such structuring of the process promotes mastery and develops confidence, maturity, responsibility, independence, and self-esteem for college- bound students. To learn more about this important service, call to set up an introductory appointment that will position your student on the right path.


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